Get value from unstructured data

We are Agile Data Decisions. We extract data from unstructured sources to save time, costs and de-risk business decisions. Watch how it works below.
Making data-led business decisions is hard

It is estimated that 80% of an organization's data is unscructured (not in a database)

Data is often stored in a variety of formats

Most actionable data is stored in a variety of documents, formats and social media platforms

So experts waste time extracting information

This data can be highly specialized so experts have to spend time manually pulling data from documents


Find and structure quality data at a large scale

Our patented AI solution, iQC, learns to find and structure quality data from any documents at a large scale through a web interface

How it works

Upload sample documents

Upload a​ small sample of files​ that can be a mix of PDFs, images, Microsoft Office documents or text files.

Our patented AI solution extracts user-defined attributes such as categories, text, numbers and graphical patterns, with a confidence score

No coding, just AI

iQC's intelligence can be improved via the web interface by giving feedback on the results, such as confirming/deleting detected items, or selecting new items

Extract information
at scale

iQC is then ready to extract information on a large scale which can be exported to a database or excel, or queried with APIs

Make data-driven decisions!

The extracted data can then be analyzed to make better decisions

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We are trusted by fortune 500 companies

We are trusted by fortune 500 companies

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