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First Break magazine talks about Agile Data Decisions and machine learning

Updated: May 10, 2022

First Break February 2022 dedicated to Digitalization and Machine Learning is out!

We are very happy to announce that TabIO our latest open source trainable solution appears this month in First Break, the iconic EAGE journal .

The First Break February issue is dedicated to digitalization and artificial intelligence in the energy domain. It is a perfect way to learn about how machine learning can be used for IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) and can help organizations to get value from unstructured documents.

In our paper, we have focused on the capture of tabular data like the collar tables and assay tables which are of high interest for mining companies. The capture of tables can be directly applied to the Oil and Gas domain to capture core data, PVT measurements or geochemistry data.

To know more about it, follow the link to First Break February edition to consult the digital edition for free during the month of February

You can also directly access the paper from EarthDoc.


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