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Live access to document data using business intelligence tools

Business Intelligence tools really help to base decisions on data. But feeding the dashboards with data is a hard task when the data are locked in unstructured file formats. 

One of our customers, a North Sea operator has a collection of millions of private and public document about the E&P done in the North Sea over the last 60 years. Most of them are just available as a scan of a paper document.


iQC offer all the Machine Learning metrics to test if the produced models are accurate and discriminant enough to extract the targetted actionable data


Half a million reports and well logs represent a huge diversity of documents. As in any machine learning project, the training phase is key to ensure the models capture this diversity and ensure the success of the project. 

This step is made really easy in iQC. A user interface allows the key pieces of information to be highlighted by a Subject Matter Expert. Once done, the model is trained just by hitting a button! No coding, just AI !

At first, start to build efficient models ...
It is now time to go to production and to share the results.

The models trained and controlled on few hundreds of documents can now automatically extract and save information from any volume of documents. 

The extracted information is saved into a DB and can be shared through a virtualization layer associated to te dashboard tool.

The analysis can now embrace all the organization experience !

The analysis can now handle all the information extracted from the company legacy document and any information can be sourced and verified directly in the documents it comes from.

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