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Henri Blondelle


VP Sales and Marketing

Henri Blondelle is a geologist by education (Utah State University and Ecole Nationale des Pétroles et Moteurs). He joined BP in 1986, at a time the company was implementing RDBMS to better manage its O&G assets. Passionate by this new approach to manage well, seismic and reservoir data together, Henri joined Petrosystems, a CGG subsidiary, to be part of the development of new integrated workstations to make the oil and gas exploration more efficient. In the 90's, he participated to the development of a seismic interpretation package based on neural network and discovered the power of data to build subsurface models without deterministic inputs.

In the 2000's, Henri created a new data management services branch at Ipedex, a French O&G services company which later integrated SPIE Oil & Gas services. This was for him an opportunity to discover the use of data along all the O&G project life from exploration to development, production and decommissioning.

In 2012, Henri was back at CGG, in charge of the sales and marketing of the data services branch recently enriched by the merge with Fugro Geosciences. At this position, he supported a project to use AI to make some data management processes more efficient. In 2016, with 2 other CGG colleagues, he decided to create AgileDD to develop iQC, a software solution based on AI to capture automatically information from documents at scale. This solution is today used in the energy, mining and defense domain.

Henri joined the SPDM in 2019. He is also member of the EAGE and DAMA.

Feel free to contact him !

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