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Press Release: AgileDD continues to support the mining industry capture information from documents

Houston, Texas – Agile Data Decisions (AgileDD) has been selected by Orano to execute a large pilot study to capture automatically targeted information from its Canada subsidiary exploration documents using the iQC platform’s capabilities..

In mature uranium exploration provinces such as the Athabasca basin in Saskatchewan, Canada, the ability to extract information from high volumes of documents produced internally or by third parties is key to drive efficient exploration target generation said Rémy Chemillac, Exploration Technical Director at Orano-Canada, subsidiary of Orano; a leading international group and a key player in the nuclear energy sector.

To illustrate the capability of iQC, the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform of AgileDD to capture valuable information from drill holes and geophysical surveys, AgileDD has started to train a set of iQC Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models in a Microsoft Azure© environment.

Using these models, key values associated to the collar and tabular data such as the assay and collar tables, graphical patterns such as the lithological descriptions, and semantic information about the geophysical surveys and drilling campaigns will be captured. All captured information will be populated into structured databases, linked to original source documents, and enable analytics with business intelligence dashboards. The data will be made available to end-user data analysis applications and enterprise data architectures using web APIs.

Our platform to automate the capture of information at scale is unique because of two main aspects”, said Amit Juneja CEO of Agile Data Decisions. First, we model all aspects of the documents including textual metadata, graphical information, tables, and sentiment analysis with machine learning and deep learning. Second, we consider the human-in-the-loop critical for document understanding. Thanks to an easy-to-use User Interface (UI), users can train the models according to their particular business documents, knowledge and objectives”.

Agile Data Decisions is an Artificial Intelligence company based in Houston, Texas USA, and Versailles, France developing an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform. AgileDD’s aim is to help the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to build Machine Learning and Deep Learning models to capture the information they need from their domain specific documents. Agile DD’s employees have deep experience in Data Science and Software Development as well as in Geosciences, and a passion to solve the customers IDP challenges. AgileDD is proud to have major mining and oil and gas companies, and the US Department of Defense, as its customers.

Press Contacts Houston: Dr Amit Juneja

Press Contact France: Henri Blondelle

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