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We are trusted by fortune 500 companies


and by the US Department of Defense


“ is relatively unique with their patented approach for modeling the extraction process in the visual plane of a document, rather than treating a document as a sequence of words reading from top to bottom. Furthermore, any acceptable solution also has to be attuned to the semantics of the particular documents’ business domain, jargon, nuances, terminology and the user’s objective. This venture is on the right track.”
MITRE, A premier federally funded R&D institute trusted by US Department of Defense and US government
“We engaged AgileDD to attempt to extract geochemical data tables and associated metadata from historic reports. We have watched the accuracy and completeness of the extractions increase consistently during the project. We have been impressed with their regular and excellent communication of progress and technical content to non-specialists. Most of all their product is well positioned to tackle these kinds of problems.”
Principal Geophysicist at a top US gold mining company
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