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A day in blue today



One of the squirrel was invited by the guys in blue to discuss about innovation today at the Schlumberger R&D centre of Clamart in France. 

Well, when you are invited by Schlumberger to discuss about innovation, you feel at first very honored. Those people know about innovation and have an impressive track record of innovations in geosciences since the first electrical surveys and logging in the 20's.

But, after this first impression, a question surges rapidly: "What a poor and young (yes!) squirrel could say about innovation to the blue people?" and immediately another comes "How will they consider our work on the logs and reports they produce?" and a third surfaces: "They play with AI and neural networks for decades (here and here as two examples among others I guess), how will they appreciate our own experience?" and plenty of others arise and make you not so comfortable when you push the door of their center as we did today...

But their welcome what great and warm. They were pleased to open their "innovation day" to some startups company as  Deepomatic or us today. And after some short introductions we plunged together into interesting discussions about the benefit a ML system could bring to practical business cases submitted by the attendees: "How could we train a ML to classify this type of documents? ", "I'm searching for this key information within thousands of scans, could you help me?", "Could you measure the distance, similarity or cut and paste in a large volume of PDF reports?". In other words, how your ML systems could ease my every day at work.

I think that is the real spirit of the open-innovation concept: To be open-mind and really considering any solution which can help solving a business case in a peer to peer relationship with a R&D partner, whatever his size or his history relative to yours.

Thank you for this day in blue, and an happy Thanksgiving to all!


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