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Equinor and AgileDD collaborate to move graphic composite well logs to the digital world


AgileDD is pleased to announce their collaboration with Equinor[1] for transforming the legacy Formation Evaluation Logs (FEL) and Mudlogging Composites (MLC) into actionable digital information. FEL and MLC contain highly valuable information. They are created by well site geologists and describe the lithology and hydrocarbon content of the well at the time of drilling. They are the first view of the open hole section of the well and integrate a huge quantity of information such as the cuttings observations, observations on cores, mud content analysis, measurements and logging done while drilling, and wireline logs.

Despite their rich content and interest, the FEL and MLC are minimally used in the post drilling interpretations processes because of their difficult-to-read format by software applications, thus limiting their utility.

AgileDD is confident that the more recent generation of machine learning algorithms based on CNN (Convolution Neural Networks) hold great promise to convert the geological graphic symbols and text of the FEL and MLC into digital information directly consumable by a geological workstation or any other business analysis tool.

Making easy to access to information contained in key documents produced on the rig is of high importance on our customer digital roadmap, it helps to make the digital world connected to the field!

Henri Blondelle, AgileDD co-founder and CEO said, “Preliminary results show that the latest generation of CNN algorithms as Yolo empowers the recognition of the litho-column content and various shows symbols from the FEL and MLC with high accuracy and a minimum of training. The technology complements our existing semantic machine learning solution iQC pretty well: It enables to convert 80% of the legacy unstructured documents into structured form”

Thanks to the Equinor’s support, AgileDD is currently optimizing its machine learning systems to define the best conditions for moving the rich geological graphic information into a digital format.




[1] Equinor ASA (OSE: EQNR, formerly Statoil) is a Norwegian multinational energy company headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. It is a petroleum and wind energy company with operations in thirty-six countries. By revenue, while under Statoil name, Equinor was ranked by Forbes Magazine (2013) as the world's eleventh largest oil and gas company and the twenty-sixth largest company, regardless of industry, by profit in the world. The company has about 20,200 employees.


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