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A squirrel at Burlington House


Henri presenting a recent iQC case at the Geological Society. 


Burlington House, Piccadilly, London will be the place to be from Feb 27th to March 1st if you are passionate by the advancement of Artificial Intelligence in the Geoscience domain. The Geological Society has been able to organize a fantastic event with a awesome program.

If you are not sure about how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the approach to data in Geoscience, just read the program. You will see the diversity of domains touched by the new ways to develop model from data: Seismic interpretation, petrography, stratigraphy, geo-hazards, volcanology, paleogeography, sedimentology ... and obviously our favorite domain: subsurface data management.

When you remember that no more than 1 year ago most papers of similar events were about the 4 V's of  Big Data and how that could change the things in the future, you really feel how fast the AI is penetrating Geoscience and how fast Geoscientists are adopting the new ML tools. You have been too busy over the few last months to adopt as well? Don't panic, some Python's bootcamps will be organized by Ikon Science in the frame of the event!

Needless to say that Henri is delighted to have been invited at Burlington House to present the last iQC experiences. I would like to be able to tell you what his paper will be about but as usual, his slides are not ready a week in advance, his Eurostar tickets not booked nor his accommodation! By the way, if you can recommend him a good and cheap airbnb in center London, he will appreciate ...


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