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Where is Haugesund?



If you are a data manager working for the E&P industry in EAME, you probably not need google map to find this place. You may know that Haugesund is the place of the annual ECIM conference and you may have been there or plan to go. 

As any conference, the ECIM one starts with an icebreaker on the Monday evening. In fact, there isn't that much ice to be broken between the participants since most of the 250 attendees know already each other and it is easy to be introduced in the community thanks to the Norwegian hospitality and "easy going".

As you can imagine, for 2 or 3 years, the favorite squirrel topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, Machine Learning and Deep Learning have been one of the favorite topic of discussions in Haugesund. But, if in the previous years it was a lot about introduction talks and expectations for the future, this year the focus is different. This year program is rich with lessons learnt from pilots and real implementations in our industry.

As said by Duncan Irving from Teradata "the data science has arrived in E&P". This arrival has plenty of consequences on our data acquisition, data management and data interpretation processes to be discussed in Haugesund this week ... and in the years to come as well!


See you there!



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