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AgileDD first birthday



AgileDD is just one year old. Fantastic, we are still alive and the future is still as promizing as on day one since we are still 120% certain that the industry will adopt our techno soon or later. 

So the team asked me to make a new post to celebrate this first birthday and important milestone for us. But what to say? Should I list the incredible long list of tasks done by the small team over the last 12 months? It may not be so necessary since our Wix website seems to archive correctly our blog where our main achievements are described (by the way, Wix does more and more or other things correctly every day and I am very satisfied having choosing it a year ago ...). So what to say? I was thinking in front of my white page when Phil Neri liked a LinkedIn post illustrated by the cavemen above.

The guy on the left say more than I could do about what we have done since end of April 2016: Proposing a new techno which could help a lot of hard-workers in plenty of domains. OK, the wheel, as our iQC v1.0 is not perfect, probably a little bit heavy, probably the geometry is a little bit irregular and the center hole has to be adjusted to the customer cart axes. All that is true but cannot be solved without your experience. 

So, whatever you carry in your cart (subsurface data, legal documents, industrial technical docs, scientific publications ...)  give you a chance to have a very different data & documents management experience: Just ask us a demo to celebrate with you our first birthday. 

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