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The SEG-Y rev 2 heroes!



Every body enjoy standards, but very few are ready to spend 5 years of their time preparing a new one to respond to the needs of the geophysicists of the XXIst century. Hopefully, few did it. So, at the time of the SEG-Y 2 publication my first thinks go to Jill Lewis and the members of the SEG standards committee for the work they have accomplished for the benefit of all geoscientists and subsurface data managers. The full list of heroes is here.

At a time where all the buzz is around machine learning, analytics or digital transformation, the committee has been working on the foundations of our industry: The way to better record and preserve real values on tapes as on disks.

Thanks to the work of this handful of geophysicists, it is possible to record extremely long traces (2*31 samples) with much more accurate samples (double precision option) on disk or in memory using an architecture derived from the IT of the 70's where the more popular media was tapes. That means that the the downward compatibility to millions of segy1.0 formats is ensured and, at the same time, the new revision authorizes to store all recent innovation of the geophysical industry with more accuracy

So, I encourage all subsurface data managers to download the printout of SEGY2 available here 

And, if as me you need to review the details about this story of big endian versus low endian and IBM float versus IEEE float, the best is to visit the so enthusiastic blog of Matt Hall 






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