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A day with the PDM students at the IFPSchool



I have been very pleased to spend a full day yesterday with the students following the new Master in Petroleum Data Management started by the IFPSchool and ENSG in last September.

For years the Oil & Gas data managers complained about the lack of professional recognition of their skills and talents. The only way to become a subsurface data manager was to practice and they was no possibility to get any academic degree in our domain. At first lot of effort was done  by professional organisation such as the CDA, ECIM, PPDM, Energistics  to establish and promote what are the skills of the subsurface data managers and how they contribute to the value creation in the O&G industry. This work paved the way for some few academic initiatives such the ones by Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen (UK), and at IFPSchool in Coordination with the ENSG in  Paris (France).

IFPSchool / ENSG proposes a Master to the fresh graduates or young professional having a degree in IT, Librarian studies or Geosciences. I can testimony that create a very dynamic group of various talents eager to solve the data issues we face in a still difficult period in our industry. They have the knowledge and an extraordinary energy for that.

We spend the day discussing about the squirrel's preferred subjet: The metadata and some ways to get them from unstructured documents. We reviewed what is a metadata, where to find them in data warehouse, XML, linked data or block-chains and obviously we went to Machine Learning support to detect and extract them.

Despite the subject was new for some of them, the student asked the same questions as most of the professional we use to meet: They quickly identify the potential of the ML tools for subsurface data management processes and also they distinguish some difficulties to be solved. I was very impressed!

Thanks to them for the excellent day I had with the PDM group and thanks to the IFPSchool and ENSG for this initiative.


If you want to know more about the various efforts done to promote the professionalization of the subsurface data management, I could suggest you some links. Obviously, it is not exhaustive, do not hesitate to suggest some others in your comment:


- From the CDAL in UK: http://cdal.com/index.php/our-services/other-services/competency/ and https://www.cdacompetency.com/

- From PPDM: The CPDA exam

- From RGU: The Graduate Certificate

- From the IFPSchool and ENSG: The PDM


In addition to the professional organisations and the universities, some subsurface DM training resources are also proposed by specialized services companies such as CGG with their Fundamental Data Management training










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