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A year ago, at the very early stage of the development of iQC, we filed a provisional patent covering the main concepts we were planning to use within our first application. On December 9th 2016, we applied for the definitive patent and we received today the registration certificate.

You may be interested to know why we applied for a patent in the first place? After all we are not developing any new Machine Learning algorithms but just using what already exists in the field of Artificial Intelligence and applying it to the task of text pattern search within documents. We aren’t the first to look for key words on text searchable files that may themselves be the result from an OCR process, but we think we are unique in the way we process the documents using a Machine Learning System and thus avoid a full text indexing.

More important than the innovations we are proposing, the main reason we went through the effort to protect the processes used by iQC is that after a year of prototyping and getting the feedback of the first user group, we consider that iQC is a concrete answer to a real and business-critical market need. At a time where the O&G industry has initiated an acceleration in its endeavor to becomes a truly digital industry, the iQC capacity to extract information from unstructured documents is really key for any advanced analytics. So, our conclusion was that our efforts to allow the industry to make good use of dormant unstructured information using a new and innovative process was worthy of IP protection. All that is now protected in the US under the poetic reference US 15/375,079!

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