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Seasons Greetings by the agile squirrel



In a few days, 2016 will just be a memory … but what kind of memory will it be for us? For those of you working in the Oil and Gas industry, 2016 may not have been the best year for business … but it is in this type of difficult environment that innovation takes on a much larger role. And at AgileDD, we have tried to be creative all 365 days of the year! First, we founded the company, then we moved the iQC project from CGG to AgileDD, and with all that in place we continued developing our ML system, the pre- and post-OCR processes and the iQC interface thanks to the work of our developers in India and in Wales.  We have supported our pioneer customers at CGG as well as meeting some other technology enthusiasts participating to the CDA unstructured data challenge in Europe. We also had some very fruitful evaluations at some energy companies that will no doubt result in use of iQC in the coming year. In 2016, we have also discovered the joys of web-based marketing and patent filing. Several key papers and presentations were delivered at the SPE, the ECIM and PETEX conventions and some others are scheduled in 2017 at the AAPG and PNEC conferences and in the form of an article in The Leading Edge, with more to follow in the second half of the year. We have initiated a fund-raising program by working hard on the business plan, making our first attempt at producing a video on YouTube (a lot of fun!) and discovering what the “art of pitching” is all about. No doubt it will be productive next year! Well, a lot has been done so far and we have been very happy to have the opportunity to work on new ideas despite a very difficult O&G environment. The most important and exciting event is still ahead of us for 2017: creating the conditions to meet your data needs and to support you in creating value from them.

Thanks to the many people and organizations that have been supporting us in one way or another during our first year in business, Season’s Greetings to all and a Prosperous iQC New Year!



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