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AgileDD meets explorationists at PETEX




We were at PETEX in London yesterday, invited by our partner CGG to present a paper about the link between iQC and Plexus. I really like PETEX, an event really focused on exploration and explporationists. This year, they organised a workshop for innovative exploration solutions name "Future Working Area" and we had the opportunity to speak there.

The idea of the presentation was to say that a data-lake solution like iQC is not in opposition with a warehouse solution like Plexus used by CGG customers to index physical and numerical subsurface data. In fact, the iQC Machine Learning System is an excellent solution to replace the staging area, also named datagate which does exist in most O&G organisations to reception, index and catalog the documents flow which arrive daily before to move the related information into corporate DBs and geosciences projects. Using iQC upstream of corporate DBs solution or projects, it is possible to automatize the indexing and cataloging tasks, check the information quality as well as any  duplication between received documents and existing one and finally complete existing information using arriving documents.

It could be said that  iQC avoid your datalake to become a data swamp detecting the structures to be preserved within the the data warehouse.





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