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Meet Agile Data Decisions at "Energy in Data" in Austin from 20th to 23rd February

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Energy in Data, where digitalization and energy transition meet the Oil & Gas Industry

If you want to embark on a digital journey, Energy in Data is the perfect place to learn about how digitalization is playing a major role in the energy transition. And how digital tools can be applied to geoscience, reservoir, and engineering.

AgileDD will attend the conference from the 21st to the 23rd February, and Oriane will present a paper! Join us on Tuesday 22nd in the San Antonio room between 2:00 and 3:00PM to learn about TabIO, an opensource trainable solution for table detection. TabIO is trained to capture table information in geochemical, drilling or other subsurface documents. This work is a very good illustration of a technology which can help the O&G sector to get value from drilling, geoscience, or reservoir data tables.

The conference is operated by the SEG, and power by the AAPG, the SPE and the SEG. Energy in Data will be driven by three main hot topics. First, energy storage, CCUS, and ESG sustainability. Second, artificial intelligence and machine learning. And last but not least data management and architecture.

AgileDD at the center of Oil & Gas IDP (Intelligent Document Processing)

Since decades, operators in the Oil & Gas industry have accumulated a huge amount of exploration and production knowledge. This knowledge is most of the time spread into physical and digital reports, Powerpoint, Excel files and various databases and structured formats.

From their experience in the Oil & Gas business, AgileDD’s founders have noticed the potential of Intelligent Document Processing for the industry. Indeed, gathering, and processing unstructured subsurface documents can be highly interesting for operators in order to create value from the data and knowledge owned by the company and make data leaded decisions.

AgileDD solution

The recent improvements of tools like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) allow capture of data from complex technical documents, even handwritten, as it has never been possible to do.

If you want to discuss these topics and share ideas of the future of data management boosted by the IDP technologies, you are welcome to come to meet us during the conference. We will be pleased to show you how we have already supported the Energy industry automating the capture of key information from unstructured documents.

See you on Tuesday 22nd in the San Antonio room in Austin at Enery in Data! While waiting for the conference, you can visit the Enery in data website: and plan your trip!


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