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Our IDP (Intelligent Document Process) solution for complex technical docs.

Updated: Nov 3, 2021


For ore deposit exploration and modelling, the geochemical analysis done on cores and rock chips collected in drill hole or trenches is a key piece of information to take decisions on basins, claims or leases.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to automate the decisions process because the analysis done by the geochemical laboratories are, most of the time, published as assay tables or assay certificates on a printed document, or a PDF format. That makes the access to the geochemical information very difficult, costly and finally never done exhaustively. As a consequence, the geoscientists are frustrated because they don’t build their subsurface models with all the data available in the company legacy documents set.

One of our customer, a major mining company, has evaluated the ability of our new open-source library, TabIO, to capture assay tables and associated metadata at scale (they have approximatively 40 millions of drill hole and trenches related documents on their files systems).

This discussion will be about the principles and algorithms of TabIO to capture tables and the TabIO integration into iQC (the AgileDD platform) to propose a trainable solution from the document OCR stage to the publication of captured data on a webAPI.

So, if you want more information about our solution, please contact us directly for a demo or by email at

Let us know about your projects and simplify together the exploitation of your data ! 👍🏻


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